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The copper tube specifications refer to ASTM B88 type M, used for plumbing industry. The datas include copper tube outside diameter, temper, wall thickness, and etc. of both imperial and metric units.

For plumbing copper tubing, people used to classify the tubes by wall thickness. There are type K, type L, type M and type DWV copper tubes. Type M tubes have the second thinnest wall thickness, which is thinner than type K tube and thinner than type L tube. Compared to DWV tube, type M tube is thicker.

The size of wall thickness effects copper tube's mechanical strength, working pressure. Type M copper tubes are suitable for pipeline systems won't strickly require strength & protection.

Normally tubes of this type are applied for residential water supply projects. The tubes are just suitable for the project, and cost less.

Winland Metal's copper tubes are manufacturered with pure copper (C12200, 99.9% cu plus 0.015~0.040% p), outside diameter of the tubes are the same, it means they can use with same size copper fittings for soldering and connection.

Dimensions listed below are for rigid tubes, aslo known as hard temper (H58) copper tube, supply in straight length form (5.8 meters or as request). If you need customized dimensions or annealed temper products, please feel free to email us.

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Type M copper tube

Type M Plumbing Copper Tube Size Chart (ASTM B88)

Straight Rigid Tubes
Nominal Tube SizeActual Outside DiameterActual Wall ThicknessTheoretical WeightActual Outside DiameterActual Wall ThicknessTheoretical WeightTube Temper
3/8 inch1/2 inch0.025 inch0.145 lb/ft12.70 mm0.635 mm0.215 kg/mH58
1/2 inch5/8 inch0.028 inch0.204 lb/ft15.88 mm0.711 mm0.303 kg/mH58
3/4 inch7/8 inch0.032 inch0.329 lb/ft22.23 mm0.813 mm0.489 kg/mH58
1 inch1-1/8 inch0.035 inch0.464 lb/ft28.58 mm0.889 mm0.691 kg/mH58
1-1/4 inch1-3/8 inch0.042 inch0.682 lb/ft34.93 mm1.067 mm1.015 kg/mH58
1-1/2 inch1-5/8 inch0.049 inch0.940 lb/ft41.28 mm1.245 mm1.400 kg/mH58
2 inch2-1/8 inch0.058 inch1.459 lb/ft53.98 mm1.473 mm2.172 kg/mH58
2-1/2 inch2-5/8 inch0.065 inch2.026 lb/ft66.68 mm1.651 mm3.015kg/mH58
3 inch3-1/8 inch0.072 inch2.676 lb/ft79.38 mm1.829 mm3.983 kg/mH58
3-1/2 inch3-5/8 inch0.083 inch3.579 lb/ft92.08 mm2.108 mm5.326 kg/mH58
4 inch4-1/8 inch0.095 inch4.661 lb/ft104.78 mm2.413 mm6.936 kg/mH58
5 inch5-1/8 inch0.109 inch6.657 lb/ft130.18 mm2.769 mm9.907 kg/mH58
6 inch6-1/8 inch0.122 inch8.916 lb/ft155.58 mm3.099 mm13.269 kg/mH58
8 inch8-1/8 inch0.170 inch16.463 lb/ft206.38 mm4.318 mm24.500 kg/mH58
10 inch10-1/8 inch0.212 inch25.584 lb/ft257.18 mm5.385 mm38.074 kg/mH58
12 inch12-1/8 inch0.254 inch36.708 lb/ft307.98 mm6.452 mm54.628 kg/mH58

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