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Mongolian mining firm to go public after corruption protests

Publish on: 2022-12-14

Mongolia will press ahead with plans to list a state-owned mining company embroiled in a corruption scandal that sparked protests in the capital Ulaanbaatar and that a new owner could help drive out corruption, Mongolia's justice minister told Reuters.

Mongolian, Mining

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Goldman Sachs expects copper prices to hit record highs in 2023

Publish on: 2022-12-09

Copper prices will soar to record levels in the next 12 months as a looming supply shortage coincides with rising demand, with spot supply turning into a deficit in 2023, Goldman Sachs said.

China copper price, Copper Price

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China Aluminum Production Statistics 2001 - 2019

Publish on: 2022-11-21

Chinese Aluminum Production Statistics

China, Aluminum

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China Non-ferrous Metal Copper Aluminum Zinc Lead Review on October 13 2022

Publish on: 2022-10-13

Crude oil prices in the stock market continued to fall, and copper in London closed down 0.82% overnight. Factors such as the global epidemic and strikes have affected the output of copper mines, and China's continued adherence to epidemic prevention policies has caused market sentiment to fall, and copper may remain stable today.

China, Non-ferrous Metal, China copper price

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Among common materials, which metal has the best thermal conductivity?

Publish on: 2022-02-28

​​​​​​​The size of the thermal conductivity of the metal material indicates the size of the thermal conductivity of the metal.

Thermal Conductivity

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Top 10 Classic Radiator Reviews of Heat Pipe Craftsmanship

Publish on: 2022-02-28

Although the development of the radiator is not as vigorous as that of the CPU, the ever-changing metal art of the radiator is more worth pondering. The reason is very simple. If the CPU is getting smarter and smarter, the radiator is getting more beautiful. The latter is obviously more exciting.

Heat Pipe, Cooling

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2021 Copper Industry Review

Publish on: 2021-08-28

Copper as a conductive medium plays an important role in the construction of energy facilities.

Copper Industry, Copper Demand, Copper Application

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The tightness pattern of copper mines continues this week, and copper prices have bottomed out and rebounded

Publish on: 2021-04-17

In the week of April 16, China's spot copper prices bottomed out and rebounded. The average price of 1# copper was reported at 66630 yuan/ton, an average daily increase of 354 yuan/ton, and a weekly increase of 2.65%; the average price of the previous week was 66812.5 yuan/ton, a decrease of 182.5 yuan/ton compared with last week, a decrease of 0.27% month-on-month .

China copper price, China, Non-ferrous metals

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